Is reddit a good place to find casual sex

Is reddit a good place to find casual sex

Desc: Reddit has been one of the most popular websites for pretty much any topic you can think of these days, but is it a good place to meet people for casual sex encounters? The answer to this question is, unfortunately, a no since all of the subreddits that take on this topic have quite a lot of rules that you would need to follow.

What you will find on Reddit closest to this category is the r4r, Redditor for Redditor, subreddit. Here you will be able to find lots of people looking for friendships, people to talk to over chat, play games with, have casual sex with and more. The only problem with this is that even if there are some people who are looking to for casual sex, it is really hard to filter them as the only thing that you can easily search for is if the threads are created by guys or girls and what they are looking for.

It can take quite a long time to browse before you find someone for a sexual encounter, and once you find them, you will realize that they live on another side of the world. While Reddit is generally an amazing website, it is not designed for dating, matching you with other people and finding your sex encounters.

There might be a couple of subreddits where you can actually filter the search for your sexual needs, however, these subreddits are quite difficult to find, and they are not really worth your time as it might take a while for the other party to respond to your post, or they might never respond, to begin with.

If you are looking for a place where you can meet guys and girls that just want to have sex without any strings attached, you are better off looking at many websites and apps that specialize in that. In the UK we have a couples of great sites; Cougar Shagging for men who like more mature women and of course with have Free Fuck Tonight which as the name suggest if full of women looking for sex. Of course, before you get into the casual sex game, it is best that you do some research on what you can expect from these encounters as they are completely different from the regular dating encounters.

The final word is that even if Reddit is great for sharing and finding many interesting things, it is definitely not the best place to look for sexual encounters, thus we encourage you to look somewhere else unless you are very patient when it comes to browsing durations.

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